Monday, March 12, 2012

Making time

Had a really fun but busy 3-day weekend. Am currently in between overseeing a bath and preparing to check out the Bachelor finale. Is After the Rose on tonight too? That's the part I want to see!

Anyway, I wanted to pop-in to give a shout out to my friend Hilary at Pulling Curls. First, actually, I want to thank everyone who commented and weighed in on my post about pursuing your goals/and how to make time for the many things that are important to you. Hilary gave some great advice, including, if you want to make time for something, block off time in your schedule. Simple advice - but something I wasn't doing.

Over the weekend, we had dinner with a good friend, who has a busy job and is also a very involved dad. He blocks out two hours every Monday night to work on a book he's writing. If he can fit in more than that, great, but those two hours in his week are written into his schedule to help make his goal happen.

O.K, I have to comb out wet hair now. Let me leave you with this other post from zenhabits on making time. I'll be back with what I've worked out.

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Hilary said...

Yeah, it comes up on my "to-do" list -- "Sewing day" and I just try to do it on that day.
Emphasis on try. :)