Friday, June 3, 2011

Tacky Time!

Occasionally I have to be a little tacky and b$#@%. It is how I stay so sweet the rest of the time. : ) Where else can I do this but my blog, which is fairly anonymous I hope (along to venting to my husband, who typically ends up more fired up than me by the end).

So, last day of school was today. It was terrific. Kids had a great time. Everything went smoothly and happily. People in the know, (staff and my savvy parents) have commented many times on what a challenging year I have had and how hard I've worked to meet everyone's needs. I had a very understated Teacher Appreciation Week, and actually felt like maybe families didn't like me. Lately, as the year has wrapped up, people have come out of the woodwork telling me they really notice the difference I've made.

Despite how busy things have been, I wrote P's teacher a detailed card and got her a nice, sizeable gift, even though I've had a lot of expenses lately and am entering the summer sans paycheck. When weighing how to acknowledge her, I thought: She has taken care of my daughter for six hours a day and taught her to read. As today wrapped up, a lot of my families who are somewhat disadvantaged gave me sweet cards and cookies. I was touched. More prosperous families gave me verbal, genuine-sounding thank-you's and that was it. See ya.

I have spent so much of my own money on my classroom and things for the kids (due to lack of classroom donations), not to mention the time, time, time I give. I love it. It's my job. I do get a salary. But doesn't my work merit, just a $5 Starbucks card at least? Do you tip your waitress, or figure she/he gets paid already? I take care of your precious child all day and teach them life skills. I'm just baffled.

Sorry. Told you it was going to be tacky. Next post will share some end of year great memories with Miss P and summer plans.


Lorna said...

I am sorry that you are feeling under appreciated again. :-( Apparently they seem to be letting out many bone heads right now.

I am sure that you know that you are truly valued and loved by those who care about you. Although I can understand the fact that those small tokens of appreciation sure do hit the spot especially considering what a major gift you have given their children. But sadly many people now a days are in a bit of a daze and tend to forget about others or expect and take things for granted for themselves and their children. Those who may have the most sometimes are oblivious with the concept that they should give sometimes.

If I had a little money tree in my backyard I would give you and your colleagues a Starbucks card. :-)
But I've not gotten that tree yet so instead you will have my utmost respect and thanks for all that you do for the future generations.

Thank you for your most valued gift.

I hope you have a lovely summer.


Jen said...

Lorna, you are so sweet, and always so right on !!

I feel even tackier now. : ) I'll get over it.

L. said...

No... you are not meant to feel tackier. :-D You have valid feelings and it is good to sound them out for I am sure you do know that the majority of people are pretty poor in their psychic abilities.

I teach my sons that it is not the grand gestures that are remembered but the small little ones along the way that are cherished the most. But to do so one must be able to think of and remember the other person.

Be happy that you are being a such wonderful role model/teacher to so many and teaching them many life skills that sometimes appear to be a forgotten art.

I often read of your adventures with Miss. P. and think what a lucky young lady she is and how you are doing such a lovely job with her bringing her up and showing her how things should be done. With that wonderful foundation in her life she will grow to be a lovely caring person such as yourself.

So feel free to express your feelings for they are a sort of barometer that measures your well being. It is good to release the pressure sometimes. :-D

Take care again and hugs.


P.S. I had popped by on campus between appointments today. You were not there and I did not know whether or not you had checked out already. But there is a little something in your mailbox.