Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Craft Party!

We are already on our 4th week of summer...oh my, it feels like it is just beginning still, and yet it is almost halfway over. Anyway....we have been busily moving from one activity to another. Tomorrow we are having a July 1st craft party to decorate and celebrate the 4th with our playgroup friends.

Miss P and I tried out the snack above last night. Simply dip an ice cream bar into red and blue (and if you want white) sugar sprinkles and voila! If you want you can add a Popsicle stick to the end as shown (maybe for easy handling?)

Here's another simple one - kids can decorate cups for themselves, or even make a set for the family - just need star stickers, clear plastic cups and a sharpie!
Finally the piece de resistance - the 4th of July lei. You need - elastic jewelry cord (some other kind of string may work), and medium size foam red and blue stars with a tiny hole punched through the middle (Family Fun recommends a sharp pencil prick).I am actually hoping to use red, white, and blue large star buttons. Red and white straws cut into sections finishes it off. String foam stars onto cord, alternating with straw pieces. Knot it, and you have your patriotic necklace!

(yikes - picture and Family Fun website having trouble loading. Will try again later.)
Here's the last craft, and the one that inspired me to do this party in the first place - the fireworks display. All of these crafts are from Family Fun, by the way. Anyway, I see two ways to do this. FF suggests using white glue to form these kinds of explosions, and then dropping loose glitter over them. I say, just go straight to the glitter glue! Draw these 'spider like' designs with long legs using a light touch. Fabulous!

If you try any of these, let me know how they work out for you. How are you crafting/decorating for July?

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