Thursday, June 23, 2011

soccer mom?

Last night, Paige had her first soccer team 'kick-around.' When P was little little, I used to dream about when she'd be old enough to play a sport (or dance). When she finally came of age, she wasn't super interested, so we didn't push. We felt busy just managing school and work, and swimming lessons (which felt like a necessity), so it just didn't happen. And Miss P loves her downtime, and hanging with friends. Now, she is at the ripe old age of nearly 7. Some friends invited us to help them form a team made up of mostly girls from school for one of the city's rec leagues, and I jumped at the chance. (Notice the use of the word 'I'.)

Paige was willing, mostly because she has friends who are to play on the team. But she had/has concerns - what if her team always loses, what if she feels too busy? E and I had concerns - the team is 'U8' - meaning she'd be playing up in slightly older age bracket (having never played before and not naturally athletic/coordinated.) The team was having early summer practices before the season started - what were we getting into? Should we push her a little, if she isn't sure she wants to do it? Do we overthink things? (YES!)

Well, she and I had an absolute blast. The structure of these 'kick-arounds' is kind of 'co-op'-ish. Parents helped the kids with some basic drills and then had a little scrimmage. Paige loved the team camaraderie with her friends and listened to the coach really well. I enjoyed getting some exercise! I don't want to get too excited, but maybe we'll be a soccer family yet!

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