Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pre-summer indulgence

I've been managing to squeeze in some fun lately, in between report cards, and end of year activities. Yesterday - Memorial Day - I totally played hooky from life. Met my girlfriend at Starbucks and after fueling up we hit Old Navy. I have not been shopping for awhile, except for peeks when I'm walking through Target, or ducking into Marshall's next store for five minutes. My friend and I spent almost two hours in Old Navy and I emerged with two bags. (This totaled $150, which is the same that one outfit might cost at, say, Jcrew.)

One of my favorite purchases was these adorable cropped jeans pictured above. They are diva cropped trouser jeans. Incidentally, I love trouser jeans with the flat front and just side pockets (instead of the traditional 5-pocket) - they almost always work for me. Anyway, I highly recommend these pants - they come in dark rinse, white, and faded blue. They are stretchy and comfy too!

After the shopping extravaganza and chatfest, I collected the fam at home and we went to a memorial day party at our friend's pool club. Way too much fun was had, and like my shopping trip, we indulged a little more than was planned! (safely) We all hit the sack by 8:30 p.m. last night, dreaming of summer. All we need now is the WEATHER to cooperate. Four more days!

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