Thursday, June 9, 2011

a little wave hi

Just a quick check in...I'm having a hard time settling into a lazy summer. This week I've been in my classroom settling up loose ends and helping others with theirs. Paige had her first play-date of the summer. In between I've been working on my poor dusty house that desperately needs a Spring Cleaning. I made a whole list of things to accomplish -- 8 things in about 9 weeks. There are a few other things I'd like to do, but don't dare add to the list! For Paige's sake, I'm going to try and lighten up a little bit...

We have lists of fun things we are doing too. I have just finished The Hunger Games, which completely engulfed me. I now need a break from Katniss' world of paranoia, so here are my other reads:

2 by SF cozy mystery writer (started with #3 in the series, because that was what was available in the bookstore, the other two are coming via amazon):

1) Bundle of Trouble
2) Motherhood is Murder

3) Friendship Bread (author Darien Gee, who also goes by Mia King, another 'cozy' type writer, similar to The Friday Night Knitting Club variety)

And, Miss Paige and I are together reading about our third American girl character. We read about the 'Girls of Today,' and have journeyed to Hawaii with Kanani who educated people about endangered monk seals, and to a Denver Ranch with Nicki, who learned to raise service dogs. Each mini-series has two books. We are now following the life of Boston Lanie who is studying nature, including birds and gardening with various challenges from family along the way.

We are also looking at reading the 100 Dresses and Freckle Juice this summer.

I think we are taking a break to go to the pool now. Just afraid once I settle back with my first chilled beverage and magazine, I may not return!

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Hilary said...

Hey, I just finished all 3 hunger games.
loved them!