Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Summer is buzzing along. Well, actually, today was the first day of summer, right? Since we've been out of school since June 3rd, we are really in the swing, no matter what the calendar says!
So are my pals above. Last Friday, Paige wanted to celebrate her Build-a-Bear Roxy's birthday - we knew it was her birthday because we have the birth certificate of course. : ) Paige invited a few friends over and they made crafts (necklaces for themselves and animals), dressed up their stuffed friends in various doll clothes, and played inside and out. Other than tears over who got to push which doll buggy, things went pretty well.
We hit a couple of birthday parties on the weekend. At one we spontaneously lit sparklers. My kid has the life, let me tell you!
Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday. Minor old-age freak-out. I did get an excellent pedicure, some free time, and dinner out. Tonight I had a small group of friends over for dessert. Lots of laughter and I am left with way too many food and drink as usual! Do I overbuy?

Tomorrow, we prep for our 3 night camping trip at the beach, leaving Thursday. I am so tired of Target! (Never thought I'd say that!)

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