Thursday, May 12, 2011

Coming to you live from Crazytown

Last summer, Miss P and I often visited 'Lazyville.' I don't know if you've seen the SNL skit where Justin Timberlake is advertising for a plastic surgery clinic. He is costumed as a breast implant and singing chants that end with "bring it on down to plasticville!" Naturally, P did not see this episode, but E and I did. E would often call us after finishing up with summer school for the day, and we'd hit him with a ditty, ending with 'bring it on down to lazyville!' In Lazyville, you are in your shorts, sweats, or pajamas, lounging with books, magazines, and maybe a show on TV. You are laughing and carefree.

I'm living in crazytown
right now. Last night I found myself in the classroom furiously eating BBQ chips (fail) while typing an email about a student's IEP tomorrow, with my memory books spread out, and my assessment box beckoning. Tip of the iceberg. Open House has snuck up on me! See you on the other side!(I should be in Lazyville in one month.)

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{the.sassy.wife} said...

I know how you feel. I too am a resident in crazytown. I have 2 weeks left in my school year! It's hard to believe. I hope you can move out of crazytown and into lazytown successfully {and soon}!