Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ramona the Brave, Paige the Happy?

Miss P and I have been reading the Ramona books lately. We just finished Ramona the Brave, in which the heroine is 6 and in first grade like P. Life was sure different in the 1970's! Which is better? You decide.

Ramona: Begins bedtime routine at 8:15. Independently takes a bath, brushes teeth, and puts self to bed.

P: bath routine started at 7:30. Mom assists and sometimes plays at side of tub. After, dad brushes teeth, and mom selects clothes. Stories by mom, and good night kisses and hugs from both.

Ramona: walks to school by herself. One day is accosted by a dog.

P: is driven by mom or dad. Walks only to classroom solo.

Ramona: never has playdates. Only hangs out with neighbor Howie outside of school.

P: plays with kids on the playground after school every day. Playdates almost weekly.

Ramona: is bored a lot during summer and on weekends at home.

P: has frequent plans to go to friends' houses, movies, birthday parties, etc.

Ramona: keeps feelings from parents - upset day after day that her teacher doesn't like her, scared to sleep in her new room. Fearful of looking like a pest and a baby.

P: seems to confide in me about everything! (Partly due to my 'gentle prodding.')

Bottom line. Ramona seems more mature and resilient? P seems happier and with less problems.

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The Mrs. said...

I forgot about the Ramona books!!!