Thursday, September 2, 2010

Five signs you are an over-anxious mom (or have too much time on your hands)

(warning: snarkiness ahead!)

5. You ask other parents (that you don't know) to read the personal notes they've written to their child at BTSN. You want to make sure and get your note right.

4. You position yourself on the carpet where your daughter sits. Hmm...would one square closer be better? You ask the teacher how one scores a spot directly in the front.

3. You ambush the principal during an e-waste fundraiser with concerns that your daughter already knows the sight words the class is learning this week.

2. You are upset that the children are fed multi-colored goldfish crackers. Food coloring! Cheese-its are OK.

1. You worry that if your son isn't surrounded by peers challenging him academically in kindergarten, your plans for top colleges are NOT HAPPENING.


Hilary said...

a. Tell me none of those was me.
b. Tell me none of these are real experiences you've had.

Jen said...

A. Hilary, you are nice and mellow.

B. I have been on the receiving end of some of these, yes!

Lorna said...

Can I just say I'm sorry. :-(