Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've been a little grumpy lately......working like crazy, babysitter quit suddenly. Today was a good day. Here are 10 things I'm currently happy about.

1) Awesome, hands-on student teacher!

2) Did two great lessons today - a math talk that promoted language and critical thinking, and a game that incorporated cooperation, problem solving and reading skills. It went off without a hitch!

3) Miss P learned how to do the monkey bars this week!! She can go all the way across!

4) Positive and productive parent/teacher conferences so far.

5) Just bought Sophie Kinsella's Mini-Shopaholic, and just got THREE new magazines. Going to s-a-v-o-r them slowly.

6) Tomorrow is Friday!

7) We are going to the pumpkin patch and beach this weekend with friends!

8) It's premiere week!

9) I prepared meals on Sunday and we've eaten at home every night this week.

10) Tomorrow and Saturday we will have deserved dinners out!

Happy Friday everyone. ;)


Hilary said...

Yay! I bet PTC weeks are awfully hard. Keep up the good work!

jeena said...

Way to stay positive! Maybe it will rub off on me!