Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Real Housewives Party

I'm a big fan girlfriends, get-togethers, and silly fun. I was particularly into the Real Housewives this Summer, with the New York cast so engaging, especially Miss Bethenny. So! I had to have my own Real Housewives of Silicon Valley party!: ) Despite being more organized than usual, I was still running around during the last few minutes, so I don't have the fantastic shots of how it all looked at setup time. Here's how I did it though:

I created a simple Evite using downloaded pics of the NY Housewives. As the ladies on the show are always supporting charities, I asked my guests to come dressed as their fav housewife from any season and consider donating books to a local school's library. I wrote a script and a few girlfriends and I shot our own short episode of The Real Housewives of Silicon Valley, including all the inside jokes of mommies in our area.

To decorate, I wanted to create an official looking 'Step and Repeat' for the ladies to pose in front of.
I had difficulty making one without breaking the bank....so, I took a cue from Bravo and made these talking bubbles with all of the great one liners from various seasons. All it took was some sparkly lavender scrapbook paper, scissors, and my printer! Check out these ditties....

As a party activity, we took turns posing in front of the backdrop. Below is 'Jeana', the real estate agent from the O.C.Around the food and drink tables (not pictured set-up), I framed greeting cards that meshed with the mood
Of course I had themed treats, like Bethenny's SkinnyGirl Margaritas, Ramona's pinot grigio, and food from Teresa's Skinny Italian cookbook. After viewing our Real Housewives movie, at the end of the party, guests took home a sway bag

Inside each bag was a water bottle with the label above that I created. I also purchased some goodies from the $1 section at Target, like these sparkly paper weights with each guest's initial.

A fabulous time was had by all!

I am linking to the CSI project's latest challenge.

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Oooo... looks like lots of fun!