Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School Night(s)!

It's September and that means Back to School Nights for me, Miss P, and E. Missy P's was last night. I got to hob knob with parent friends, sit in the audience, and be a huge nerd taking photos of P's work. How cute is that picture above with the pigtails?

Here is her self-portrait. Love it! She was the only one to fill in the 'background.' Sadly she was disappointed in her efforts and thought that a friend's pic (the one above you can barely see in the daisy outfit) was much better. This led her to a mini soul search on what her 'talents' are.
And finally, here is one of her stories. Can you read it? "I had a birthday party. I turned six. I wore a red outfit." What is better than six????

I am so blessed with my sweet, easygoing girl.

Tonight I had my Back to School Night. "BTSN" as we say in the biz. It was the most chaotic one I've ever had. Nine no-shows (unheard of in K). People coming in late, like really late. Five people brought their kids to the 'adult only' night. Three kids played (somewhat noisily until I intervened) in a corner of the room I set up spontaneously for them. One stayed outside with dad. The other kept leaving the play area to ask me questions. Could I open his water bottle? Could I read him a book? Could he go outside? Mind you, his parents were sitting in the room. Finally, his dad took him out, and then at some point his mom suddenly disappeared. Random!!!! The students in my class are doing nicely, and I do have some really nice parents. So I am not too worried.

Never a dull moment....

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Hilary said...

SO random, we had a lot of extra kids at ours too.
A-noying. :)