Monday, September 20, 2010

a mini-portrait of P

Have I said lately how much I love age 6? I apologize for being so disgustingly braggy, but I couldn't be a prouder mom. I have a few new things about P that I want to share.

P is taking her first theater class and is so excited to be cast as a mermaid in her school play - Buried Treasure. I think she has found her niche in the arts. P is not a super strong student academically, but so enthusiastic. Every teacher has noticed how passionate she is about her work.

A sweet and sad story - today her teacher pulled me aside and said that during writing the students were creating their take of David Shannon's book 'No, David!' Paige became withdrawn, left her paper blank, and said she wanted to go home. This is unusual. Her teacher assumed that she was stumped by this new writing technique and suggested we pre-load tonight with the next book, The Okay book by Todd Parr. After school, P immediately told me the story without my having to ask. She shyly explained that everyone else was modeling their David Shannon 'No, David!' piece after a younger sibling or pet, and she has neither. It made her sad. We brainstormed that she could use her 3 year old cousin Johnny as a muse for the book. (No offense, little J!) She was so thankful to me for helping her come up with an idea and excited. She started a book right then and there. (This was not expected or required.)

The silver lining of the story is that she came to and shared what happened right away. Like I mentioned in the Ramona post below, it struck me that Ramona held in a lot of her problems. Now obviously, Ramona is a fictional character, and Beverly Cleary needed to create conflict. However, I'm guessing there are kids who are not so forthcoming about what is going on in their world.

I heard recently that by age six a person's personality is formed for life. P has always been full of love. She makes friends so easily! I'm pretty sure I did not have this many friends at her age. She is very interested in fashion and likes to dress up all the time. I am disappointingly casual, and she is always asking me not to wear jeans at certain events. Kind of like fancy Nancy and her un-fancy family. It can be a bit embarrassing when she tries to impose her style ideas on other people who are not into clothes (like, 'are you going to change into a dress?' Not in a rude way, but sincerely wondering.)

I guess I have to write all this down, so I can re-read it in ten years when she is driving me CRAZY, right?

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Hilary said...

she does seem like a new person this year. :)