Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last summer (wow, that makes it seem like such a long time ago), I got bitten by a crafty bug. Unfortunately, I don't possess crafty 'skills', patience, tools, or much time (anymore). However, while perusing gorgeous home style blogs, when I find something that looks like I could actually do it, I give it a whack. So far, I'm averaging about 2 out of 3. Anyway. What's this above? Well, I got the idea here. It's a piece of art! It's a dry erase board!

The fancy frame is from Ikea. The original idea involves using fabric. I improvised and used wrapping paper (attached via spray adhesive to the cardboard backing).

I loved the idea partly because I had tried my hand at subway art and failed miserably. (In fact the failed project has been waiting on my office floor for a month to be disposed of.) Anyway! The look above didn't look quite right. So I studied the original and tried again below.
Better, maybe. But is the whole thing just too busy????? Maybe. Too dark? I tried again with a simple message.
I think this is the best. What do you think? Still need to hang. I am going to try with some smaller frames I have and other background paper and experiment. Miss P wants one too. What fun!


Lorna said...

Please note this is coming from a girl who has no artistic skill of her own but I like the first one best. For me I find it most interesting and it draws me in to want to read all the items because of the different fonts etc. Which ever one you choose of those I am sure it will be very lovely. :-)

Hilary said...

Jen, I LOVE that. It's SO cute!
We're doing something like that at church (we do a craft night where someone else puts packets of all the supplies together and you just show up)... and now I NEED one. :)