Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Project Barbie Runway

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So, here's a craft that is free, fast and easy peasy! How can you beat that? It's Barbie's (or your fav fashion doll's) stylish poncho! Miss P and I were inspired by our many mother daughter shopping trips and various fashion shows seen on TV. Why not replicate at home? (A mom can only make a doll just talk so much..)

You simply need: 1. paper towels or napkins 2. twist ties, ribbon,paper clips or rubber bands (or all of the above) 3. hole puncher 4. scissors 5. markers (optional)

Steps are so easy!

1) Trim and/or roll the paper towel or napkin into the shape you want.

2) Consider whether you want to cut out arm holes for a poncho, or leave it as more of a 'cape.'

3) Add a hole punch near the neck area and thread through the ribbon, twist tie, rubber band, or small colored paper clip.

4) Optional: use markers for design.

Viola! Barbie is ready to walk the runway!

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