Sunday, August 22, 2010

girlfriend reunion

Had such a special night last weekend getting together with four of my sorority sisters in Pleasanton. There was a lot of anticipation as I have not seen some of them in a couple of years. B, the one I'm next to, is the only one I see regularly. The others are pretty spread out, and between families, work, distance - it has been tough. My friend C, who is seated in red, is six months pregnant, and I do miss her terribly. Anyway, we must have sat and chatted for at least a half an hour before even a drink order was placed. There was so much to talk about and such a festive celebratory mood all night.
The three above were the bridesmaids at my wedding over ten years ago! We moved on to a dance establishment after dinner and my cute friends attracted a lot of attention. We've still got it! : )

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