Monday, August 23, 2010

All About Miss P

I interrupt this evening work-fest (I'm enjoying) to bring you the latest on my little rock star. Miss P has experienced some pretty cool milestones lately. Here they are, out of order. The summer wrapped up with P enjoying an art camp. Above is her self portrait. Below is her group posing in costumes they made for their interpretation of Where the Wild Things Are.

P loved the art class, but for some reason has no interest in pursuing other classes. Very chill, that one.

Last Monday she had her first day of first grade. Oh, it has been awesome. The difference between kindergarten and first! The confidence! P loved kindergarten, but was a bit slow to get comfortable. Previously she'd been at preschool three days a week, and really missed the two days we had at home together (me too). She grew a lot throughout the year. Now, in first, she started out with already tons of friends, two playdates the first week of school, and a sleepover this upcoming weekend. P is full of little stories about her class, which is perfect for her. Her teacher is doing a ton of PE which her daddy is thrilled with (me too), and while her K teacher did tons of songs, this teacher does a lot of silly dances. One has the instructions, 'bottom out, tongue out, make a face.' Which of course she loves. The shock of sticking out your bottom! I just wish I could be a fly on the wall for awhile.

Here she is in her new room, flashing the pottery barn kids backpack/lunchbox combo. We never got her one for K, she just re-used her preschool stuff. Hopefully, none of this will get lost!!!!!
Another milestone: the weekend before school started she lost her FIRST TOOTH! I was having the girls' night out mentioned in the last post, so daddy played tooth fairy. I missed it!

Another fun fact: we have discovered chapter books. I'm pretty sure she will become a reader this year. She passed the end of year standard for K, but isn't fluently reading yet. However, I am excited that she is excited about the longer more complex stories for read-alouds. I have read her Disney Princess anthology, particularly the little mermaid stories out loud soo many times. For her birthday, two friends gave her chapter books, Ramona Quimby, age 8 and one of the Rainbow Fairies series 'Pet Fairies' books. We read both of them within a few days - it was a blast - particularly the Ramona book. I'm not sure which of us enjoyed it more! I headed to the bookstore and bought her Ramona the Brave and more of the Fairies books. I will present them to her on her birthday Wednesday. It's not official yet, far I love 6!!

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Hilary said...

There's another Beverly Cleary book that she'd love, about 2 friends. Crap, what's the name. We have it and I bet she'd love it. It's a little bit easier of a read than Ramona (and even Conner and Spencer have both liked it).

It is funny, they all seem so old and mature now. "mature" {giggle}