Sunday, August 29, 2010

A numbers story

I've caved!

I went on a shopping spree with a friend today, taking advantage of her 30% off Friends and Family at the GAP/Old Navy, and....bought new pants in a bigger size.

Little history. I was a size eight forever. Then when I switched careers and got into teaching, my hyper-ness kicked in, and I worked all the time and my appetite shrunk. I dropped to a size 4. People worried about me. Eventually, things settled and I rose to a 6 and stayed there awhile. Got pregnant, had miss P, and pretty easily returned to the 6. After a few years I gradually returned to the 8. Yikes, I said, I have a closet full of pants I can no longer wear, but I did nothing, except buy a few pairs of pants in an 8.

Well, its happened again. About 4 months ago I found myself at about 10 pounds heavier. Age, I suppose? I've always ate pretty much when I was hungry and enjoyed what sounded good. I enjoy exercising but it has always been sporadic, depending on my time and what 'phase' I'm in (runner or couch potato). I've never seriously tried to lose (or gain - naturally), it just is what it is. This summer I broke down and bought 2 pairs of shorts in a size 10 from Old Navy, just to get me by. I didn't want to invest too much money in clothes when I hoped to get in better shape ASAP.

Well today I broke down and bought 2 pairs of nice jeans and some black pants all in a 10 I had been squeezing into my 8's, which fit, but not always the greatest. The new pants don't look bad at all, and it feels so good to be comfortable! I am making steps toward getting into better shape. I don't know if I'll stay a 10, or return to an 8, but for the time being, I need to put my best foot forward!

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Hilary said...

Jen, you look amaizing, although I'm guessing with a few extra Kindergarteners you'll lose those right away. :)