Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're back!

To reality that is. Had an awesome weekend! We were the beneficiaries of two upgrades, so we had an oceanfront room with our own fire pit and patio. We enjoyed the view, waves crashing, clear weather, fire crackling, champagne, chocolate and each others company on night one. After an in-room movie, breakfast, and more lounging on day 2, friends came to join us for a bit of our celebration. The four of biked from the hotel to here. It was eight miles in severe headwinds. We were laughing because they told us we could likely do it in about 30 minutes. 30 minutes, my arse, we were saying! It reminded me of all the 30-minute meals I cook, which in reality take my sorry self an hour! Anyway, we took kind of an odd route, as we were trying to avoid too much riding on highway one. We eventually made it, and enjoyed sliders and beer for our anniversary dinner. What can I say, that's our style! I did make the ride in a cute outfit and boots, so I was at least appropriate somewhat for the occasion! We ended up sending our one savvy rider back for the van so we could load up the bikes and quickly get home, as the hour was getting late, and our friends had to get back to their kidlings. (He took the highway and made it in under 30!)

Back at the hotel, we had waaayyyy too much dessert and coffee, and paid for it!! Not before sneaking in a little dancing and some toasts. We both had stomach aches and poor sleep that night. My new regime of fruits and veggies is paying off - I'm having a harder time eating too much other stuff!

Anyway, we relaxed a bit more today, before ripping off the bandaid and returning home. At least it is warm here! We had a nice reunion with our girl and a productive and pleasant afternoon/evening. I told E, there's something to be said when you are happy returning to your real life. While I don't always show it, I love my real life!

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Hilary said...

A well-deserved break!`