Friday, May 14, 2010

Mid-life crisis

I have done lots of counting blessings lately as so far, it has been a fun 2010! We did a family trip to Tahoe for Christmas, rang in the new year with good friends, girls trip in February, Yosemite and new house in March, Black Eyed Peas concert in April, and anniversary trip this month. I've also been reflecting on milestones as the world just ended a decade, and E and I had our 10 year anniversary.

Every decade of my life so far has a been a biggie. I've ended each in a very different place then where I started.
1972 - 80 birth to third grade
80 - 90 little kid to high school graduate
90 - 00 h.s. graduate kid living at home, to engaged woman out on her own
00 - 10 married, homeowner, teacher, mother

I sort of feel like I don't have any big goals left. We aren't planning any more kids (my husband is valuing his sanity too much), we just bought a home we can probably stick with for awhile, I'm happily set in a career that won't involve any movement. So, now what? Sounds crazy, or pessimistic, but I'm almost afraid that if I don't have a big plan for something positive, then something bad will happen instead. I just can't imagine ten years passing and no big life changes, other than P becoming a teenager (Lord, help me).

Does this make any sense? What do you think?

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Hilary said...

I get that.
We're kind of out of that phase now too. Everything else is a long term goal. Suceessful kids,successful marriage. Working forever with little results.
Painful, but true. :)