Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Had the best mother's day evvahh!

It all began on Friday. Took the day off, yet spent almost the whole time at school. Volunteered in Miss P's class for a couple of hours in the morning, then headed to my room to quickly prepare for Monday. (So that my tires could screech out of the parking lot at 2:10. Just kidding. Kind of.) My sub was a recently retired first grade teacher from our school who was working magic with my class. Right on! I finished up and zipped to Palo Alto, where I got to meet my mom for lunch and give her gift. Raced back to school in time for the classroom Mother's Day luncheon. I received a paper flower and a heart shaped pillow.

The moms had lemonade and yummy cookies; the kids each shared why they loved us and sang a song.

Sweet!! After school I helped a bit with teacher appreciation week, which is this upcoming week. Got to 'hob nob' a bit with the moms. We have such a great community! Came home ready to clean the house, but sat down to cuddle with P who was have wild allergy attacks and fell asleep. I could not move for two hours.

Fast forward to today. E and P served breakfast in bed for me. Then E dropped off P and I to get mani pedis at Santana Row. After it was lunch at Pizza Antica, followed by the movie Babies. Perfect mother's day flick. Who else saw it?? We finished the day by shopping - I got a book and two necklaces from Old Navy. I love their fun, inexpensive jewelry. You can get multiple pieces and not feel guilty! We got home, and E, who had insisted I not lift a figure all day, finally threw in the towel, and let me get Missy P ready for bed. She got to bed a few minutes late, because as we relaxed I fell asleep again. Clearly, I had a hard day. ;) If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was pregnant as I've been zonked since last Wednesday.

Anyway! Had a wonderful day, and I hope all you moms did too. Happy Mother's Day!

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Hilary said...

Awh, that was def. a day I was sad not to be in Mrs. Ross's class.
I saw Mrs. P in your class and was happy you got a day off. :)