Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is my family growing up? or My husband earns another merit badge!

Crazy! Open House aka one of the biggest nights of the year for a teacher, is this Tuesday. I am up to my ears in memory books, which is a big scrapbook we make for each student chronicling the year in pictures, artwork, songs/poems, and sometimes handwritten memories. Presenting the books is one of the things we do. I always wait until the last minute to finish up. Although, I have a won-der-ful parent who does at least half of the work. Thank you, Colleen!!!!

This is the first year my (personal) family has uber cooperated. I've had to bring P into the classroom a few times recently (let's face it, all year) and she has been a rock star! I used to ply her with snacks and a cartoon most of the time, as most of my motherly energy and patience was back burner-ed after my day with kinders. However, my classroom tv is on the fritz, and we are now on our big healthy food kick. Therefore, P now amuses herself the whole time with books, games, stuffed animals (she brings from home) and art projects.

Here is the biggie though - E is currently obsessed with getting new wheels. His car is a 13 year old pontiac sunfire with non-automatic features and broken air conditioning (broken for a year now). AC is worth more to fix than the car itself. It's blue booking at $450! He would've bought a new car awhile back, but with our house purchase, that was delayed. Anyway, he springs on me that he wants to car shop today. 'Sure,' I joke, 'as long as you bring Miss P and grocery shop on the way home.' They are doing this.

I had started to feel guilty for both of them, and tried to convince P to come back home after a quick grocery shop. I first offered to her that I'd stop working and go bike riding with her. She passed (who was I kidding - she's no outdoor girl.) I then offered her fav - art project time. She still opted to 'help daddy look for a new car.'

I am beside myself. So now, I am in worker bee heaven. Our whole kitchen has been transformed into my workshop. Printing pictures and gluing away. Real Housewives of NY on to keep me company. Wow! Better get back to it!

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Hilary said...

That is hilarious. I can't imagine Drew taking Spencer along on that...
But I'm glad you had time to get stuff done.
Really, don't you want to go down to 4/5 next year? :)