Tuesday, February 2, 2010

small vicotories

One of my goals (not quite a resolution) this year is to reflect more on what I'm accomplishing each day. Similar to the SAHM, I tend to feel really busy, and at the same time feel like I'm not making enough of a contribution in life. After some reflection, I determined that I am possibly just undervaluing what I am doing (teaching kindergarten and being a mom). I am typically really hard on myself and dwell on mistakes I've made and what needs improving, as opposed to where I am succeeding.

That said: here's a small goal I've accomplished - no Starbucks for the past two days! I know that is laughable, but seriously, I am addicted! I'm trying to get down to one a week that I really savor and enjoy.

I also realized I had got a lot of significant work-related stuff - from meeting with parents about various kid issues - mentoring my student teacher - to doing some good planning and organization with my reading program.

Join me and write down 3-5 thing you accomplished and/or did well each day. Time to celebrate success!

1 comment:

Hilary said...

You HAVE to love the tiny victories.
So proud of you Jen!