Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb busyness

Feb has been an uber busy month at school and home. Sadly my focus on health and cooking has suffered a bit. After our class valentine's party today, I basically came home and sacked out on the couch. The exact same position I was in after our December party!

Earlier this week E and I assisted P with completing her science fair project. Her topic - 'Where will ice melt the fastest?' She placed glasses with ice cubes in four different places, inside and outside and checked every thirty minutes. Going through the process really piqued her curiousity in asking questions and exploring the world. She did all the writing, but naturally E and I took part in helping to create the bar graph and handling the 'layout.'

Also this month was this 100th day of school celebration (see hula hooping below) and my class had a big valentines/chinese new year party today. Now I am decompressing for a beautiful week. When we come back we'll do a president's day blitz and then finish off the week with an olympic celebration ending with a parade.

I am looking forward to some major fam time and relaxation time over the next few days!

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Hilary said...

What are you guys doing over the break? I was thinking of inviting you over....
Currently I am slaving my kids into cleaning so they can earn some wii time, but I also work a lot this week.
What's your schedule?