Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Concert

January ended with the kindergarten crew at our school performing in a winter celebration concert. Miss P l-o-v-e-s to sing, makes up songs and is always belting out a tune. Example: (in her lilting voice) "How do you spell love?? L -o-v, then comes the silent e!" Her teacher insists that she did not teach her that little ditty.

Anyway, despite P's love for everything song, she had some issues with concert.

The stage: "Everyone will be looking at me. I'll be embarrassed. I'm no match for that big stage!!!"

Her order line-up - kids were grouped by height, and P, who was in the 75th? or 90th? percentile for height as a newborn is now deemed a 'small' in her class. Kindergartners always view this as a put-down, as small equates to 'baby' in their minds. "I know I'm a medium, mommy! I was born to be a medium!"

Anyway, our girl pulled it together, wore her requisite red concert t-shirt with winter accessories and played a drum for the 'chinese new year' finale song. And so goes another tradition...

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Hilary said...

Yes, Spencer somehow moved-up to the tall group. Not sure how that happened, but I did get a nice view of him.