Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girls Getaway!

Remember our girls' mammoth getaway last weekend?? Here's how it turned out. Friend and I were packed and at the airport gleefully ready to embark on our ski trip when the flight was cancelled. No other mammoth flights going out that day. Refusing to give up and return home, we said 'where else can you send us today?? Husbands are off work, we've said goodbye to the kids. Send us somewhere fun!'

Their answer was Portland, Oregon. We went and had a blast. Husbands quickly cancelled our mammoth hotel and booked us here
. The weather was sunny and unseasonably gorgeous. We shopped, read our books, worked out, had some yummy meals, visited Powell's books, hit some irish pubs,went to some scary nightclubs (briefly), learned bollywood dancing, and indulged in lots of girl talk. The best part? No schedule!

I felt like I also had a lot of thinking time, to reflect on things and make decisions.

I returned on Sunday revived and ready to return to work and life! Getaways are the best!

Now, a week later, I am home and totally in the thick of things. At work, in addition to teaching we have 'adjunct' duties. Of course, both of mine are happening right now, one the day we move (coordinating the district's young author's fair), the other a few days later (our school's family fun night for kindergarten through second grade). It's assessment time for report cards and my student teacher's evaluation time.
The ski week trip is still paying dividends as I'm feeling pretty relaxed in the midst of things (despite my post on exhaling) and happy to tackle these challenges head on. : )

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Hilary said...

OMG, that's insane.
I didn't know you were the young author person too.
Oh, what fun.
LEt me know if I can help at all!