Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally.....resolution 2010

So I actually waited until the very last day of January to make my 2010 resolution public! (Saying this, I am assuming/pretending there are people actually reading this blog!) :) Anyway, I have made a couple of loose goals this year, but my main one is to become a good cook! Since I know goals have to be 'measurable', I have made a list of about 12 cooking accomplishments that I will take on in 2010. January's is/was to make dinner 5 nights a week. (Since we moved in early November and throughout the holidays we ate out A LOT.) I met my goal this month, making shrimp along with various chicken and pasta dishes - last night a broccoli salad - along with my usual fare of tacos and chili, and yes more pasta. Felt pretty good. I'll continue this goal the rest of the year, adding other challenges each month. Here are the others, in no particular order:

*Find at least one good slow-cooker meal
*Experiment with table settings and
throw a dinner party
*Create better routines for cleaning out fridge, planning meals and going to grocery store.
*After we move (again), set up an organized kitchen
*Find a cooking mentor
* Find at least one yummy new lunch that contains lots of protein
* Learn at least 2 healthy, tasty cook-ahead breakfasts
* Learn 3 new meat -based recipes
*Learn best way to chop various veggies
*Experiment with making bento lunches for P

If you count, you'll notice there are only 10. I have a longer list of 'possibilities,' but couldn't decide on the final one. I'd also like to leave a little room to just see what comes my way. I believe February's goal will be to find some new lunches that provide some good protein, as I usually go a starchy path. In general, I'm trying to be healthier, try new foods, and increase my veggies, all while trying to be more domestic and take care of my family.

Bon appetit! I'm off to read my new book and nurse some cramps. (ow)

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