Thursday, February 25, 2010

can I exhale yet?

Was the question I asked E this morning. Crazy couple of days. Our kindergartners had an Olympics parade and celebration scheduled for Friday afternoon. Due to rain, it was moved up to today. Fine, except E and I are off today to do house stuff, leaving my sub (and student teacher - thank goodness) to lead the parade, and me one less day to prepare. So last night I pulled a marathon finishing up costumes for the event and sorting them neatly into bags for the students. This was after I called Triple A, because I left the lights on in my car in the morning, and while E and P were running around town faxing things, because the bank realized they were missing a few needed forms for our loan.

This a.m. after taking P to school, my lovely husband helped me prep the finishing touch - gold medals - in the school workroom. Then, we hightailed it to Kohl's to get P a yellow shirt as each class was to dress in colors of one of the Olympic rings. As another K-teacher, I had advance notice of P's color, so no good excuse not to have things ready. However, I had decided to play things fast and loose and not worry about it until an actual official flyer went home from P's teacher. Guess when the flyer went home - yesterday. When we got up today guess what E and P had picked out for her to wear (hint: not a yellow outfit). Said yellow shirt (the only one she has, was MIA). So after running another school related errand, our final stop was to Kohl's where we found a darling yellow top in P's size. Returned just in time for recess to outfit our little sweetie. :)

We are now off and running to grab something to eat and head to our house orientation. So so sad to miss P and my class in the Olympics parade! I've been waiting for this since I realized the rare Olympics parade would be her kindergarten year. Oh well, what are you gonna do??

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Hilary said...

I wondered where you were.
Believe me, you didn't miss much.
I'm sure plenty of moms took pictures of your little dears. :)