Monday, February 22, 2010

Workout Help!

So, I want to get fit. I'm not overweight, but I weigh more now than I ever have before (except when pregnant).

Most importantly, though, I want to be healthy. Endorphins, energy, all that good stuff. I belong to a great gym and I actually enjoy working out. My problem is sticking to a schedule.

My initial plan when I joined this new gym, was to go first thing in the morning. However, as I have to be en route to school by 7:50 (and in a few weeks when we move, it should be more like 7:40), my morning workouts have been very short
. I would need to arrive at the gym (about 7 minutes from home) at 5:30 to really make a difference. Sounds doable, but I just have not been able to heave myself out of bed. I've tried afternoons on days when E has P. When its worked out, its been great. I like the afternoon workouts, I don't feel as rushed. However, things tend to come up. Today, E remembered he had a meeting, so I ended up with P. Often on Wednesdays - my other day - I have meetings. On Fridays, we often have plans. Also? I tend to be a little work-aholic-ish, and have a hard time cutting myself off when there is so much I want to accomplish at school.

Writing all this, I can see, that one problem is that I haven't been serious enough about making the change. If I was, I would find a way to get out of bed early. And/or I wouldn't make plans on Friday evenings that interfered with working out - as that is one of my few available days.

So, dear readers, I'm asking for your input. I keep' weighing' the options, and both have valid points. Do I go for peaceful mornings at home, and learn how to make afternoon workouts a priority (force myself to leave work, bring P to the onsite childcare if necessary). Or, do I pull out the stops to make myself an early riser?

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Hilary said...

I have to work out at home. I can't bring myself to pay for childcare and I just busy them with something else and theaten them. :)
Good luck! It always feels so good to get a good workout.

debra said...

I find it easier to wake up early when it is light out (spring & summer) so maybe it will be easier in a few weeks. I like to work out in the morning too. I am sure your daughter would like the onsite childcare if you need to go in the afternoon. Good luck!!