Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stand up for Schools!

Today, March 4th, is California's Stand up for Schools Day. Our public schools have received 60% of the state's budget cuts. We already stand at #46 in the nation for education spending. Hello! Not good! Our district is losing class size reduction, as has every district around us. This results in all classes having at least 30 kids and one teacher. This is terrible!

For the second time this year, a parent approached me, basically to lament that her high performing child may not be challenged enough. I differentiate like crazy, and she acknowledges my efforts, but with kids at such different levels and circumstances (special education, english language learners, no prior school experience, etc.), her child is not able to be challenged at every lesson. I think her child has learned a lot more than she realizes. However, basically, what she was saying, is that having her child mixed in with children of all different levels and abilities is holding him back a little.

Moving from 20 kids to 30 kids, I am expecting a lot more of this feedback next year. I can understand the parent's point of view, but it makes me sad when I am trying so hard to meet everyone's needs.

I believe in the teachers at my school and the ability they have to overcome obstacles. Yet, how bad will the state let our school situation get?????? 35 kids? 40?


Hilary said...

a) tell that mom to let it go. I doubt Spencer has learned much more than how to be a good student/friend and that's fine with me. If she wants to challenge them, have her do it at home! -- but sometimes it's frustrating, I guess. :)
b) I'm wearing black.
c) Saw you have sub! I hope the moving's going ok!

debra said...

I feel for you. We are in Arizona and things aren't much better here. My daughter is in 2nd and this is the first year we've had a decent class size (in my opinion)but I doubt it will be that way next year. I think parents are really going to have to pitch in for a while if they want their kids to be challenged. Teachers have alot on their plate now and I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. You are a hero for being there for those kids. :)

The Mrs. said...

You are a hero! Such hard circumstances. Every school I've been disappointed in looks and neighborhood wise, the teachers are all fabulous. Hats off to you!