Wednesday, July 22, 2009 obsession

Everything has been on back-burner lately, as I've been obsessing over Looks like we will probably start looking at homes as soon as this weekend! Tips, advice?? My dream is a family-oriented neighborhood that has a fourth of July parade down the street, decorates the neighborhood for holidays, etc. I would be willing to go for an attached home or townhome, if it was part of a community like that. Other than that, it just needs to be big enough to fit our little family, and not require too much work before move-in. (I'd also love a big yard for playing/entertaining!)

There is a neighborhood about 25 minutes away, where we could prob get all that, but I'm concerned about the commute, and don't like the idea of P being so far away from her school community.

E is stressing about details, and doesn't want a million people (family) asking us about it, so if you know us, ssshhh....(just couldn't resist posting what is on my mind and am hoping for advice!)

Send me your words of wisdom and good thoughts! : )

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Hilary said...

Are you talking about Willow Glen? Lara Headland lives down there (sorta) and I know their commute is getting old to them. Honestly, living close to our jobs is a HUGE priority for us, beacuse the more family time we can have the better.
Oh, and don't get your heart set on any house, keep aloof. :)
Good luck with that. :)