Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Mecca - Tar-jay!

Despite our lazy, summer days, P woke up yesterday morning clamoring to do her new 'workbook,' purchased at Target. If you are a teacher, or are interested in buying your child's new teacher a little gift for the beginning of school (or want to think ahead for holidays, teacher appreciation, etc.), drop what you are doing and run to Target. Unfortunately, my camera died, or I'd show you a picture of my loot. You know the $1 aisle in the front of the store...? It is chock-full of educational goodies, including $1 books, and cute teacher notepads, stickers, even small pocket charts!

I got 22 copies of a book called 'Elmo's Birthday' - I'm going to wrap them up and give on to each student on his/her birthday this year.

I'm almost excited to start working in my classroom now!

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debra said...

I spotted those the other day! I got a couple of the workbooks for my daughter - probably for Christmas but I may bring them out before then if I need to!