Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Is it just me, or do you have ton on your plate right now? I'm loving my open-ended summer days, and at the same time, I am loving getting things done. However, right now, I feel like there might be one too many balls in the air. (Although, I'm not wearing a suit, like the fine lady above). Currently I'm working on:

*unpacking from our camping trip
*gearing up to re-organize the next area of our home
*working on the evite for P's birthday
*trying to commit to working out and training for an August race
* getting our finances in order and considering leaping into the housing market
*Looking for a part-time after school sitter for Miss P

All while trying to be a 'present' parent. Yikes!

What do you having going on? Leave a comment, whydontcha?


Hilary said...

I hear you, except I don't think any of my balls are up in air, I feel like I'm dragging us all through a very thick mud.
I say buy a house, and buy one close to me. :)
Have you asked around the Ponderosa Community? Pili might babysit in the afternoons... she's sat for me before. My kids love her.

The Mrs. said...

OMGooodness. I hear you. Potty TRaining, Coco teething, twittering, blogging, script selling, packing for trip to VA, swim lessons, stationary biz, going through and sorting out toys, writing prayers for church..YIKES!

debra said...

I am right there with you. And I always feel like summer should be 'free and easy' but it just seems to be busier than the school year. We just have to try to keep the balls in the air. :)