Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pinkalicious Party! Part 1

I'm quite giddy. Miss P's 5th birthday is in 7 weeks. Right around the time that E and I will be up to our eyeballs with school beginning. So, we are being smart and planning now.
I spent from Monday afternoon to Tuesday night immersed in details and are nearly done. We are having a
Pinkalicious birthday!

It at started when my mom got P the above book for her preschool graduation in early June. Allow me to summarize. The 'protagonist' bakes pink cupcakes with her mom on a rainy day. She then goes crazy for them and cannot stop eating more and more of these pink treats. She eats so many that she actually turns pink and dubs herself (you guessed it!) 'Pinkalicious.' However, like many of us females, she continues to have trouble saying 'when.' She eats more pink cupcakes, and eventually turns red. Finally her doctor helps her to see that she needs to eat a 'steady diet of green food,' in order to return to her normal pallor. The book sends a good message about balance without being preachy, and the illustrations are daring.

The book was a hit with girly girl P, and I instantly could visualize a party theme. We got serious on Monday and the event is nearly planned. I'm not kidding when I say event. We are part of a close-knit playgroup which makes it hard to keep things small (especially when you throw in preschool friends, family, and 'regular' : ) friends.) I do enjoy a thematic birthday party!

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The Mrs. said...

What a great ides!!! May have to do that for COCO!!!