Saturday, July 28, 2012

oh joy, a new book!

I've been searching for a new book for awhile - I can be a picky reader. I know what I like, and I love memoirs, especially uplifting ones. Today I got the above from the library. I'm really excited about it.  Has anyone read it?

In other news, I hosted my first garage sale today.  After subtracting what we spent in supplies (Ed was a little spendy with the colored dot stickers and packing tape), I think we only made about $50ish dollars.  On the other hand, I'm quite proud that I decluttered several rooms in our house, set up, priced, advertised, and cleaned up the aftermath almost completely on my own.  My smoothest move - early on, we weren't getting much traffic, so I left Ed in charge, and found another block sale down the street, (in a nicer neighborhood). I posted new signs there with arrows leading people all the way to our house. It worked!

Happy weekend to all!

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