Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Awhile ago, in this post I talk a little about my fab girlfriends and how they inspire me. 

I've had a chance to be inspired again. 

A couple of amazing moms I know have recently experiened trajedies -- one huge, and the others small. These women have kept it together, with unbelivable grit and jaw dropping grace and positive attitudes.  It has really given me pause, when I think of things lately that are weighing on me, that I would typically stress/complain about. How does this really measure up?

On kind of a related note, Peas and Thank You recently did a post about VBS week at her church and their theme of Superheroes. The context was kind of 'everyone can be a hero,' by demonstrating caring and gratitude toward others.  Here are some of the ideas we can do (that she shared):

Pack resalable plastic bags with toothbrush/paste, soap, socks, granola bars, etc. and drop them off at shelters or with the homeless.

•Let someone go ahead of you at the bank or the grocery store.

•Leave a kind, supportive comment on a blog or website (not necessarily this one).

•Donate gently used grown-up books to your local retirement homes and care facilities and used children’s books to libraries, churches and shelters.

•Leave an Operation Beautiful note.
•Push your neighbor’s empty garbage cans from the curb to the side of their house.

•Write a thank you note to someone who you appreciate (your mailman, garbage man, the local fire or police department, that extra nice grocery clerk).

•Give a stranger, a friend, a child, a spouse (or all four) a sincere compliment.

•Take a picture of yourself wearing a superhero shirt or logo (or any shirt + a huge smile) and send it to “Superman Sam,” a Wisconsin six year-old battling Leukemia.
I am really excited to try these ideas, and am posting a list on my fridge. 
I feel so lucky to be in the company of so many inspiring women.  I don't know about you, but I'm always wondering how I can be my best self (OK, Oprah) best contribute to my world. I have some good ideas!

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3 Peanuts said...

Hey sorry you are feeling 100 years old and that you pulled a muscle. That stinks!

I am popping over to try to offer some encouragement and support:) Rest up and be good to yourself for a few days and then get to exercising again. I know you'll be glad you did.

I injured my plantar fasciitis again. I have rested for 3 days and am going to try my weight class again tomorrow.

I am telling you...I am a new person since I begun this exercise program. Hugs,