Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Brighton Camping and R & R

My friend A at Here I am is planning an international move and her blog is all about how she's juggling a ton of stuff in preparation, yet still finding time for lots and lots of fun.  One of her themes is (loosely), 'when you are happy and motivated you can pack an enormous amount of activity into a day.'  I'm trying to take that advice. I have a bunch of projects I want to get done this summer, but I keep getting bogged down by the 'every day' stuff. 

For example: the other night I got together with the girls for a planning meeting re: our New Brighton Camping Trip.  Ahh, planning meetings. I had flashbacks to our Las Madres days where we had dialouges about which parks to select for our next quarter meeting dates, debating proximity of bathrooms, amount of shade, and popularity of play structure.  For our camping trips it's all about exactly how many eggs we'll need, and where we can get the best deal on hot dog buns.

(Ken hop refers to Ken cooking pancakes). Of course, in between making grocery lists, we had a lot of laughter. It was girlfriend time, after all.

We have tomorrow to wrap up several camping trip details, including taking Mr. Cooper to a daycare and doggie boarding eval. (After much consideration, he won't be coming with us this time.)  Hopefully he will be 'checking in' to his pooch hotel Saturday. Saturday and Sunday are all about Miss Paige's out of town Champs' swim meet, and we leave bright and early for camping on Monday!

I'm hoping to do a fair amount of the activity above while we are there!

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