Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Brighton Camping Trip 2012

We came back a few days ago from our 5th annual friends' camping trip! We've learned a few things since 2007.

First, if you have to arrive a day late, your wonderful friends will set up your tent for you. (With special ammenities).

The kids are much easier. The adults, well....

Speaking of the kids, they are are wise enough to play along with the maps and treasure hunts that mysteriously surface and happen each year. Like with Santa, 'you have to believe to receive.'


Our friend Dan still remains as the official camp photog. Almost all of these photos are his!IMG_5450

Above: the treasure. Pirates like to shop at Diddams.

Sand, water, and logs are still the best playground.

Sadly, handheld games are popular too.

of all kinds.


The kids are still cute.


Like, are you kidding me?? cute.

Highlight of the trip and a new tradition (??): the adult whiffle ball game on the beach. The Arrows, or whatever you were called, you are going down next year.

 note: the swimming hair accessory still in place days later.

Another takeaway: glow sticks are very entertaining.

Make that very, very entertaining.

Night skies camping are still the prettiest.

Packed, ready to go, and still smiling.  Hey, we're getting better at this!


Anonymous said...

The Lightning Bolts, not Arrows, Lightning Bolts. Oh yeah, same place same time next year. We're on!!! Linda :)

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