Friday, July 13, 2012

Mom Cave update

Good news and bad news. 
I personally always like the bad news first. 
The bad news is that my Mom cave was put on hold earlier this summer.  I've dubbed this the summer that everything broke. Our computer broke (fixed), our pipes are making noises (occasionally; ignoring for now), our water softener is on the fritz as well (Ed trying to fix), I did something to my back (dr. visit, blah, blah, blah) and finally the air conditioner in my car just died (during the first week that temps hit in the 90's). Lovely.

What an uplifting blog, right? Aren't you so glad you are reading? Oh yes, the good news.  (I've got to switch over to gratitude mode quick before the universe sends more bad news, yes?) : ) : )
I've been casually looking for a new desk for the mom cave (even though the big things aren't happening) and found the one below.

Due to some scratches which I can take care of, I got it for $100, with a little negotiation. Not bad, huh?

I've dabbled with how to do the rest of the room once I can get around to it. I'd been considering a yellow and grey color scheme. Then I saw these pillows and though, wouldn't an Americana color scheme be fun too??  All I have in the room that is worth saving (and worth saving is a s-tre-tch)is a white couch, so it is a blank slate. What do you think?
All from Cost Plus, if you can believe it, by the way!

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