Sunday, July 8, 2012

July days

Summer is speeding by and full of fun. We haven't had a minute to be bored, and are no two days are alike.  Here are a few things we've been enjoying... 
Swim team! Here is Ed giving Miss P a congratulatory hug after an event. He so digs his big hat. P is not Olympic-bound, but is improving and has achieved at least one personal best at each meet. I am kept busy fielding many team emails, getting to all the events, and trying to remember everyone's names.   

For some downtime in the evenings, we've been enjoying our new favorite family show, Good Luck Charlie. It is on Disney Channel, and is part of an effort to move past the tween/teen market and appeal more to the whole family (parents too!) Check it out! (BTW, no kickback from Disney, but if they'd like to send us to their park in exchange for promotion, I'm all over it!) : )

Side note for all of you fashionistas, Miss Paige was excited to see that Target (in their D-Signed line) even has some clothes inspired by one of the Good Luck Charlie characters, Teddy Duncan.  The other day we were shopping for some fun things and made this discovery. We didn't get anything from that line, but found a different cute top and some things for friends' birthdays. Paige was so happy, she said she was 'in heaven.' Mother/daughter shopping. Yes, it is heaven!  I got to enjoy pedicures and manicures with my mom as part of a big birthday celebration weekend she planned for me. Maybe turning 40 isn't too bad....

We've been walking Mr. Cooper faithfully and he has worked himself up to quite a hike.  I've been creating some dog toys for him to use (he doesn't seem to get the Kong) and have been teaching him how to use them.  It's working!  He has made his first trip now to the famed Santana Row, and I think my 'mom cave' might become a 'Cooper cave,' so that I have one place to stash all of his stuff neatly. Being home a lot has made me very house-anal. 

One of my favorite things about summer is pigtails, tank tops and flip flops (class act, I know). Today I rocked all three of these, and we had some friends over for an impromptu feast, to finish off the food from my family birthday dinner. I love being able to have friends over on a Sunday night, enjoy the sun, and not worry about getting up early and work the next day.  Pigtails, little/no make-up and sporty clothes just kind of adds to the carefree-ity of it all. : )

We played a fun game that I lifted from 3 Peanuts. In the game, you place a random sentence under each person's dinner plate. They then have the task of working that sentence into the conversation without being detected.  I even had a prize I'd been setting aside for the winner.  Some examples:

"I like the big ones that are made of plastic."
"I think that happened once in an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati."
"I actually love fanny packs."

You get the drift. It was a fun way to get the creative juices flowing and for everyone to listen carefully to each other. I can't believe that for me, summer is half over.  I'm going to try and continue to join every minute!

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