Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rookie Proof Pillow Tutorial

Remember that cute pillow I (me, Miss All Thumbs) made one crafty March Morning? I was jonesing for a new decorative pillow to pretty up my brown couch, but didn't want to pay the $$. Here 's how I did it.

Before - faded pillow

After: Springy new Chevron pillow
I looked at several tutorials online, and my visual spatial self had quite the time with them. : ) I ended up creating my own.

You will need:

Cute fabric of your choice


stitch witchery


adhesive velcro dots

Step 1: Cut fabric to fit the size of your pillow

Step 2: Cut a strip of stitch witchery (remove wrapping first; I learned this the hard way!), and using the iron, seal one end of your pillow cover

Step 3: Apply stitch witchery down the middle seam, and iron again to seal shut.

Step 4: (not pictured) Turn pillow right side out once cooled. The bottom seam and middle seam are done. Insert pillow form in through the top opening of the pillow. Finally, fold over material at the top of the pillow and attach velcro dots, to close final seam (and allow for an opening to take this pillow form out when it is time for another change!)

Voila! another look at the rookie pillow!


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Taryn @ Design, Dining + Diapers said...

Visiting from the CSI Project! This is a great transformation, love the colors and the chevron pattern!