Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little frugal fun

Today Miss P and I enjoyed a mother daughter date full of 'frugal fun.' I was lamenting how much we always spend on vacation, even 'stay'-cation, and with a lot of expenses coming up, we (I) decided we'd challenge ourselves. First, we packed up some clothes set for donation and headed to our nearest consignment shop. While the folks assessed our goods, we browsed. Oh my goodness, I found a pretty nifty selection of Paige Premium denim (Miss P keeps asking if she's famous), Seven and other designer jeans in my size for between $30 - $40. And they all looked brand new. I tell you, if (I mean when) I shrink a size or two, I'm going THERE to stock my new denim wardrobe. We didn't make out money wise that well, but it was a fun-ish experience just the same.

Next was a quick stop to the libary to freshen up our stock of books. More free entertainment! For lunch we used a La Petite Boulangerie gift card I'd been stashing since Christmas. Bonus? We then got desert with a Nothing but Bundt cake gift card! Finally, we hit Micheal's for a birthday gift and supplies for P's first communion banner. Using what else? 40% off coupons! Finally, our 'splurge' of the day was P's $14.99 white dress shoes for aforementioned communion from Payless Shoe Store. Paige is thrilled that they have small heels.

Six hours later we arrived home, with Paige saying she was 'content.' Great way to spend a (rainy) frugal fun day!

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Hilary said...

Sorry I never got to the easter basket link. This year was pretty slim, mostly supplied by the dollar store.

Sounds like a fun day though!

All Paiges are famous. ;)