Thursday, April 5, 2012

Boy Easter Basket Ideas

People! I eagerly await pictures of your Easter baskets. Until then, (or to get you started?) I saw a few fun, non-candy ideas that would be perfect for boys, (or girls). Here they are, all currently found at Safeway, for less than $5:

1) Finger skate boards (see top of post) Have you seen these? My friend with 3 sons has a huge collection. Apparently, there are all kinds of tricks you can do with them...there is just something about little collectibles....

Star Wars Lego Pens. For making homework more exciting.

Finally, the 'microkite.' Ed may or may not be receiving the 'fighterjet' version for Easter. Big boys need treats too.

By the way, Paige is currently jonesing for the kite (and has one mini skateboard), so I can attest these treats could work for either set!

One last reminder to link-up to my Easter Basket challenge below!


Laurie @ said...

all great ideas! I bought a lot of little things like that kite at Target, like a car with a laser that you can "paint" with, and some craft kits I picked up at Five Below. Honestly my son isn't a huge fan of candy and most of it gets wasted anyway!

Emily said...

So sad I didn't get to link! I took pics and everything, but the illness threw me off my game. Jack's basket was more needs than fun things. Maybe next year!