Thursday, April 26, 2012

How do you like to cook?

Lately, cooking dinner each night has become one of the most relaxing parts of my day (second to cozying in bed reading). One part I like is the solitude. Miss P is usually looking for some downtime herself after a day of school, play, maybe homework, maybe swim practice, etc. She's off reconnecting with her stuffed animals or communing with her beloved Wild Kratts. I turn on my TV (a little kitchen TV is a must) and cue up a House Hunters, or another of my favorite HGTV's, and as the picky couple debate floor plans, I dice and sauté. It is kind of mediatative.

On the other hand, on a night, when I'm not recovering from wrangling  teaching my 30 kindergartners, or am just feeling particularly 'energetic,' I enjoy the cameraderie of the family around, entertaining me with chatting as they sit at the island. Paige loves to help, and sometimes we have drinks out, and sample the food as we go.

How do you like to cook?

(Recipe for the above dish coming. Now I have to put on my educator cape.)

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