Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I wanted to include at least a couple pictures from Easter - even if they are a little blurry. Have to figure out how to better use my camera! I wanted us to have a little celebration of our own, so on Saturday Miss P and I colored eggs, then she had a little hunt and we ended the evening with the three of us watching Hop. I got some bad news mid-day, so it put a little damper on things, for me. I often feel like when I fixate on making a really nice family day, or date night, something ends up casting a gray cloud. And then it is the unexpected, impromptu jaunt or time together that ends up being perfect. Oh well. Paige said it was 'a great day!' Below is what we woke up to Sunday morning. The Easter bunny was nice! I was super excited to get a copy of Nie Nie's book Heaven is here. (It helps to have a 'side gig' as Easter Bunny.)

Later, after church we visited with my in-laws and had of course, another hunt! The kids, or course, had a great time. Paige's cousin and good buddy is darling (as are all my nieces and nephews!)

Now we are *enjoying* a rainy spring break. I'll pop back soon!

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