Sunday, October 9, 2011

pumpkins on the porch

During the weekend run-around, I dashed into Marshall's looking for a birthday gift. Didn't find one, but I did find this print. $10! I may be clumsy with crafts, but I sure can spot a good bargain.
I decided to mix it up on my Autumn mantle. Not sure if I'm loving it there. Aren't things always a work in progress?
OK, I do take the worst pictures of all time. This was shot with my cheapy point and shoot at about 7:00 p.m. in terrible light. Not sure when I'll get a chance to get a decent one, so, here it is, my fall porch in all its glory. Trust me, it looks cuter in person. Ed loves the hay bale!!!

Happy week!

1 comment:

Debra said...

Love your print.

I feel like I take horrible pictures too. If I read the manual for my camera it might help! Love the bale of hay - I saw some @ Michaels- I may have to go back and get one. :)