Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Turn that frown....

As I sat last Friday evening, feeling grumpy, my spirit sapped by things, that are 'wrong,' I thought again about Gretchen Rubin and her advice to turn to what is right.

There are so many reasons for happy - from my fast metabolism (that allowed me to polish off pasta and girl scout cookies for dinner - yikes) to my latest engaging read, to my early morning coffee.

Where I
really find happy from though, is the people in my life.

Not just E (still handsome and charming as ever), or P (healthy and easygoing), but...

*My sweet hardworking student teacher, whose camaraderie I really enjoy every day.

*The sweet, sweet boys and girls who listen and work hard every day in my classroom. I'm telling you, I have some rock
-stars. Picture angelic faces staring at you, legs criss-crossed, and hands in lap every single day all day. (Ok, that sounded wrong. They get up to move around, work and play frequently. This is just how I'm picturing them right now on the carpet.) At their tables they are dutifully trying their hardest. There are many children I have not had to re-direct once in our six hour day for six months. A couple of these students started the year really behind the peer group, but they keep on, keepin' on. (Now mind you, this is definitely not every child in my class for sho, but this post is about the happy).

*The awesome parents who volunteer in my class, including the kick-butt mom who stays
all day on Friday doing whatever I need, and the parent who doesn't even a have student in my class but just wants to devote time to struggling English learners.

*My mom who just hosted us for a relaxing weekend of eating, drinking, reading and movie-watching.

* The fab colleague who is helping me through the applying for a grant process.

*The girlfriends I feel really myself with and who drive me to laughter regularly.

What a schmaltzy post! All true, though. What do you think about, when work, or money, or some ongoing problem is bringing you down?

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