Monday, March 28, 2011

Meal Time Monday - Mediterranean in the mix!

I have started my first ever diet! All this watching 'Biggest Loser' has finally gotten to me! This all came about initially around New Year's, when, like the other gazillion people in the world, I made a loose plan about getting in shape. Specifically, I decided I wanted to address my least favorite body part - my stomach. Enter The Flat Belly Diet. (Hate the word 'belly' by the way.) It is similar to a Mediterranean style of eating, allowing pasta and emphasizing monounsaturated fats (avocado, olive oil) which are supposed to do all kinds of good things, including reducing bloat. I have completed Day 1, and feel like such a success! I really like the food choices.

I am combining the diet with this walking workout. I made myself leave work this afternoon and had a nice de-stressing date with my tennis shoes and ipod out in the sun.

In the not so good news arena....our mortgage was just jacked up due to rising property taxes. I had no idea that could happen. Too bad some of those property taxes couldn't go to improving our school. See ya later, summer plans. Off to wallow in Bethenny Ever After.

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