Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gadget Free Fun - 'Get un-bored'

Invention born of necessity?
Last week I was combing out miss p's tangly wet hair to the tune of her yowling when inspiration struck. I grabbed the detangler spray which was sitting on the counter and said, 'Ok, find a word you know and see if you can get me to guess it.' And so began a new favorite game. P loves to select words and feed me clues.

"ummm, it's..... four letters and it starts with e." Naturally, she loves it if I am a little stumped initially, but seems to be most satisfied if I am ultimately victorious.

While it is a great distraction while combing out long hair (or pulling off a band-aid, getting a shot, etc.), we also play it in the car or while waiting in line sometimes. Like P says, "this is a good game to get me un-bored!"

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